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Support & Mentoring for your Final Teacher Performance Assessment TPA / GTPA / AfGT / QTPA

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In this course your are you going to be able to learn:

  • suitable for those needing support with their final teacher performance assessment;
  • receive preparation for your upcoming practicum and the assessment task;
  • to collect data and types of assessment tasks;
  • learn the power of feedback (giving and receiving);
  • documenting observations;
  • to collate data and put into the right type of graph;
  • how to create a student profile + receive editable templates;
  • how to use the learning progressions, continuums and other educational tools;
  • language your ideas and concepts around scaffolding the learning;
  • to align your findings to research based evidence with theorists and link to your pedagogy;
  • to link to AITSL standards and demonstrate your professional learning;
  • use data packs (that have been supplied to you);
  • language and structure your response when data is not clear or represented;
  • to use work samples with student-teacher conferences to discuss the learning and take notes to include with your evidence to demonstrate the learning that occurred;


I walk you through previous completed assignments from other pre-gradate teachers, so you can feel really confident in the expectations around this extremely important assessment tasks.


Access to a list of 50+ references to help you link your pedagogy and educational decisions.


A dedicated area to prepare + support you prior to your practicum / assessment task.


This course is one of the many that is included inside the

Savvy Teachers Mentorship Program for Beginning Teachers in the first 5 years of teaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
Does this course cost anything ?
No it doesn't cost anything. This course uses resources that are available on Google via public search and through video content I share my knowledge, skills and experience in how to address each area of the assessment, wording or language to use when responding to segments of the assessment task.
What if I need support with different sections of my teacher assessment?
The program is self paced and you can jump to the section that you need support with, when you need.

Your Instructor

Rachel Mac
Rachel Mac

Rachel is the Founder of Savvy Teachers and dedicated her life to education and leadership coaching, for over 20 years.

Having thousands of hours of teaching experience under her belt including facilitation, Rachel has added Educational Consultant, Development Program Designer and Neurodiversity expert to her list of credentials, working on a National scale with medical practitioners in the special needs sector for the last 14 years.

Recently accredited as an NLP Practitioner, Emotional Intimacy and Meta Dynamics™ Level I Practitioner as well as immersing herself in behavioural psychology, neurodiversity and neurological functioning, her perspective on teaching and learning is incredible and equally insightful.

Known for her energy and contagious enthusiasm for learning and helping people reach their full potential, Rachel has overcome some incredible obstacles in life that will inspire you beyond words.

The purpose of Savvy Teachers is to impact the horribly high exit rate of teachers, in order to avoid teacher burnout and enjoy their careers with less stress and over whelm.

The Mentorship Program is purpose built program with a self paced structure, online library of teacher training, resources, strategies, frameworks and teaching tools. It is the largest and most successful mentorship program in Australia, that offer LIFE TIME ACCESS to all members without an ongoing cost.